Why Bye Magnolia?

For decades developers and homeowners have painted every single room, floor to ceiling, in a vanilla-like colour called magnolia. The purpose was appealing to the broadest number of people to make a quick sale or let. That way magnolia paint became a symbol of the impersonal, careless and dull property business, killing any single chance of self-expression. 

This interior design studio emerged as a rebellion not only towards that colour but also towards all those bland properties in the market.

Bye Magnolia helps homeowners, developers and landlords wanting a property with its own character: a crafted interior design that bonds human stories with materials. Based in West London, the studio aims to create interiors that go further than their daily functionality. With an understated elegance, Bye Magnolia harmonises the heritage of the property with the requirements of contemporary living.

Our ethos relies on a strong sense of crafting; to you, your lifestyle and your property. We invite you to take a journey with us to discover your essence. To then create a space that reflects your story, that which makes you unique. Because once you realise that you are unique, who wants magnolia?

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"Interior design can uplift your mood, relax your body, make you travel to remote places, or even bring your childhood memories back. Design is power"

Ricardo Lopez Sanz
Founder of Bye Magnolia





Have a virtual consultation with Ricardo Lopez Sanz to address a specific problem with your interior.


The Layout Challenge will provide the information required to achieve a home that optimises your lifestyle.


The Room Challenge delivers a highly detailed vision for a room that is as individual as it is timeless; inspired by you, your taste and your property.


We offer a truly bespoke experience that guarantees our customers the best solution for their projects.

If you want an unique project full of personality and attention to detail Ricardo and Bye Magnolia are the studio for you!!

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Bye Magnolia
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