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Get to Know Ricardo Lopez Sanz

A Visionary Interior Designer

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Ricardo Lopez Sanz is an international interior designer with almost 10 years of experience. His portfolio covers residential and hospitality projects in Spain, Malta and the UK. He is versatile and combines interior design with the added advantage of his university background in construction engineering.

His previous experiences working for a high-end design studio overseas as well as for the UK leader in accessible design consultancy have given him a large scope of all-round valuable experience understanding clients needs and working to a time schedule and a budget. 

His refined and lived approach to contemporary design has led to work for renowned brands such as National Trust and Kempinski hotels as well as private residences around the Mediterranean.

Ricardo Lopez Sanz launched his own interior design company: Bye Magnolia, to help all those homeowners, developers and landlords wanting a property that goes beyond the daily functionality, bringing their stories and character to them.

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