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One-bedroom rental flat with two working areas (part 2)

Together with the open plan area, which I already wrote about it in my previous post (here's the link: One-bedroom rental flat with two working areas - Part 1 ), the other main room in this rental apartment is the bedroom. This area was, in fact, the key reason to choose this apartment. Here's why:

As mentioned in the previous post, our clients wanted separated spaces to work from home but they were unsure about the worth of investment on a second room as a home office. They engaged Bye Magnolia just before committing to rent, so we had the chance to study the layouts of the different apartment options. We helped them to make the best choice for their budget and needs, demonstrating that sometimes there is no need to pay the extra for a two-bedroom apartment. They could fit the desk in the bedroom.

Usually, bedrooms in this kind of flats (in London) are about 12 sqm, which are about 130 sqft, but most of the time they have a square footprint. The main issue with a square footprint is that there is a lot of wasted space in front of the bed. Instead, the proportion of this bedroom is narrower and longer. So with a bedroom like that, we were able to push the bed to one side and have enough space at the back for the indispensable desk, which also doubles as a dressing table. Along with the desk, we also gain space for two chests of drawers -because, except for Marie Kondo, the rest of us always need more drawers-.

We kept the colour palette of the open plan but turned down the intensity of the colours to get a calmer space. For instance, the bright orange of the sofa turns mellow ochre in cushions and decor, while the powerful black is used in the soft bed linen. The hard surfaces of the furniture keep the warm honey colour of the oak and just the bedside tables allow for more dramatic contrast, although the thin lines make them light and airy. Finally, a watercolour from Lorna Binns sitting on the headboard, and an XXL vase on the chest of drawers complete the decor of the bedroom.

Linking all the spaces in the apartment and serving as the entrance, the hallway is a splash of colour against all those white walls. As wallpaper was not an option, we decided to hang a piece of fabric using a system that doesn’t damage the wall. The colourful ikat print, with its arrows, accentuates the verticality and makes the space feel higher. The plant and the bench balance the proportions and create a useful space for that corner.

The overall design of the flat reflects the arty and vibrant personality of the clients while keeping it sophisticated, easy to maintain and, most important in this case, fully removable and adaptable to other new rental apartments.


As you see, interior design is present even if you’re about to rent a property. We understood the client requirements before they got their flat and by helping them choose the right apartment we were able to deliver exactly what they were looking for.

We can help you make a decision between your options, just contact us at

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