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Design Advice


1 hour virtual consultation with Ricardo Lopez Sanz, via email, to address a specific problem with your interior.

Are you struggling with your window treatments? Is your room looking very beige? Your furniture arrangement does not work?. These kinds of issues are very common, and they do not require a whole interior design project, just the right advise from a professional.

Although I cannot design your room in one hour, I can guide you towards a design solution for the issues you are having.

See if this service is for you. 

The Layout Challenge

Starting at £550

All the information required to achieve a home that optimizes your lifestyle.

Not everyone has the same lifestyle, the same kind of family or the same needs. It is absurd thinking that the same layout will fit everyone’s requirements. So why do many of us found ourselves struggling with preestablished furniture arrangements that do not work for us?

I have designed The Layout Challenge with the purpose of optimizing the space of your home in a way that reflects your personality, your requirements, and your style. It is all done virtually and allows you to approach the design implementation at your own pace, and as your budget allows.

The process is surprisingly simple: after providing me with your property measurements and a brief about your goals, we will have a virtual meeting for 90 minutes to deeply understand what you imagine for your home. Then I will put together the different ways of making your style and home layout work for you. Finally, you will receive a virtual document which includes all the information required to achieve your chosen layout within your style, plus access to our trade discounts.

The Room Challenge

Coming soon

Coming soon

Hospitality Experience Design

This service is designed specifically for the small hospitality sector. If you own a holiday apartment, a boutique hotel, or a B&B; we are here to increase your profitability!!

Nowadays more and more people look for a unique experience when they choose their accommodation. We can help you to build that experience not only from the interior design but also creating a brand identity. We will analyse your potential competitors and design brand leading accommodation that will stand out form the rest.

Tailored Interior Design

Tailor-Made Beauty

If you have not find the service you are looking for, please contact us.

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