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When you choose to live in a period property it is probably because you feel attracted to its character: high-detailed architectural features that elevate the space. We all love those cast iron Victorian fireplaces, elegant Georgian wall panelling or striking geometrical 30s floors. These elements not only define the character of the room but also add value to the property. Why do modern properties lack such character?

Adding long-lasting architectural features to a whole property requires a high level of detail, skilled professionals and many hours of work that is not within everyone’s reach. But don't let this give up on your dreams. Instead, elevating the design in your favourite room will not only make your house more valuable but also change the way you feel in it.

We have designed Visualise to provide a highly detailed interior design for just one room, “The Room”. We will tailor the design to your personality, budget, and lifestyle. You will get all the information required to get all the work done (including lighting, electric and joinery detailed plans and finishes & furniture schedules), plus 3D visuals for reference.

Visualise is our premium virtual service and it is the closest package to a traditional interior design experience. 

This package includes:

  • 90 min video consultation

  • Your style analysis and how to achieve it

  • Layout, product and finishes options

  • 3D visuals

  • 60 min virtual presentation

  • Detailed design for the selected option: scaled floor plans and elevations, lighting and electrical plans.

  • Detailed plans for up to 3 bespoke features

  • Suggested furniture & finishes schedule

  • Aftercare: 4 hours of a phone conversation for Q&A + email assistance

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